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Commit yourself to the ideal of Light, at least as much as you do with regard to the material domain of life.
Subatomic Physics reveals that, in its first and last substance, matter is a concentrate of information and consciousness, an infinite core of possibilities, of Light…

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Are you unhappy in your marriage, in your job or with your academic qualifications? There is always time, at any time or circumstance, to change life, radically or partially; if not, at least to consider the idea of change, in order to plan it carefully…

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Frankness and Diplomacy.

Fight for transparency. Hypocrisy, of any kind, is a cancer that corrodes the tissues of the human character and relationships. At the same time, exercise diplomacy, psychology and pedagogy, in your social interactions, so that information is comunicated, as much as possible, with humanity…

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Doubt is the messenger of darkness, whenever it paralyzes activities, intentions and benevolent feelings. Doubt is only reasonable when it propels to research, deepening of reflections and maturation of convictions…

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Faith, Optimism and Realization.

God is everywhere and in everyone, but the channeling of His Graces varies, according to the creature’s level of development. We can’t demand from a child the attitude and maturity of a scholar. Be optimistic, but not foolish. Instead of trying to think positively, strive to think correctly…

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